Coast to Coast provides all" turn-key" Asbestos Abatement Services, which include; Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 Abatment. We are Liscenced and Insured!

All project and construction work that is conducted in Ontario must follow in accordance with the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (“OH&S ACT”) R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER O.1.  According to this Act, Section 30 outlines the Duty of Project Owners which includes:

30. (1)  Before beginning a project, the owner shall determine whether any designated substances are present at the project site and shall prepare a list of all designated substances that are present at the site.


30. (2) If any work on a project is tendered, the person issuing the tenders shall include, as part of the tendering information, a copy of the list referred to in subsection (1).


30. (3) An owner shall ensure that a prospective constructor of a project on the owner’s property has received a copy of the list referred to in subsection (1) before entering into a binding contract with the constructor.

CTC ENVIRO. is your "ONE STOP-TURN-KEY" environmental partner.  Our Abatement team and our associated  Professional Consulting Firms, will get any job done quickly and on budget.