Mould, Water & Flooding

Coast to Coast Environmental Inc. provides  Mould Remediation Services for all Levels.
The protocol for the Assessment and the recommendations for the remediation of mould impacted materials are outlined in the "Toronto Guidelines on Assessment and Remediation of Fungi in Indoor Environment" dated June 15, 2005; Canadian Construction Association ("CCA") "Mould Guidelines for the Canadian Construction Industry" (CCA Doc 82-2004); and Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario (EACO) "Mould Abatement Guidelines", 2010.

We can assist in providing you peace of mind.  


We also Remediate GROW-OPS.

Reference letter from Dr. D. Elloit Faust-11/29/12


On Friday Novermber 30, 2012, Mr. Frank Dodaro and his crew of workers from Coast to Coast Environmental Inc. worked on my daughter and her two roomates apartment at 1360 Whiteoaks Blvd. in Oakville.  Mr. Dodaro was very helpful and professional in explaining the procedures and helping me and the three roomates understand the process. He oversaw his three workman who were efficient and very experienced.  The work site was sealed off in a very effective manner and the work site was left spotless and safe.  Mr. Dodaro returned on the weekend to take foolow up readings and ensure that everything detail was taken careof.  I wanted you to have this feedback about the level of the work of this company and in particular Mr. Dodaro and his staff.

Thank you

Dr. D. Elliot-Faust